Loyalty Reward Scheme

If you like the idea of earning ₦1MILLION PLUS, you're welcome to take advantage of our Loyalty Reward Scheme. This is available to all customers who purchase our products and choose to market them to others.

So how does the Loyalty Reward Scheme work. . .

For each sale of a Starter Pack one position goes into the Feeder stage, apart from Starter Pack 3 which has 3 positions. With constant re-occurring purchases as our products are consumable and lasts an individual approx. 2 weeks give or take a few days, we are constantly creating movement and excitment.

There are 5 stages:

Feeder: 2x4 forced matrix

Level 1: 2x2 forced matrix

Level 2: 2x2 forced matrix

Level 3: 2x2 forced matrix

Level 4: 2x2 forced matrix

Members of the 1 Million Club

empower derrickemma skyview empower*1
empower*2 beulah derrickemma*1 vokebob
greatmind bembem yomavictor unitedafrica
empower*3 riverside greatmindz xtraincomeclub
sparkle munatess empower*4 derrickemma*2
beulah*1 skyview*1 vokebob*2 bembem*1
derrickemma*3 unitedafrica*1 favours bussee
nextlevel soarlikeeagle kunlealashi efosapeace1
ambosa greatmind*1 greatmindz*1 vipgroup
yemadeniyi yomavictor*1 tltjos greatmindz*2
unitedafrica*2 beulah*2 odemo skyview*2
morerin2012 vipgroup*1 empower*5 lambanogirl
pastorflow empower*6 vokebob*1 echidex
derrickemma*4 dgreatbob evanida*1 riverside*2
empower*7 strongmike greatmindz*3 sparkle*1
empower*8 rayb derrickemma*5 ekenemay
edithfamous skyviewFClass greatmind*2 madamnkem
beulah*3 bussee*1 greatmind*4 emmison
treasure4real ajayijohnson adonaiz munatess*2
equinox greatmindz*4 unitedafrica*3 empower*9
bembem*2 sapphiretrend skyview*3 echidex*1
empower*10 jfeli ayanfeultimate xtraincomeclub*2
sharonuwams beulah*4 princessud empower*11
healthywealth evanida pastorflow*1 greatmindz*5