Helping Lives has 3 entry options made up of a bouquet of products.

Our Product range consists of a range of healthy lifestyle products. The efficacy of these products are second to none, and the testimonies of relief and health transformation are available on youtube. These products are by themselves helping lives.


Starter Pack 1

10 x Complimentary eBooks
1 entry into system
Donations to Market Women Initiative & Back to school program

Starter Pack 2

1 x Box of Ruzu Tea (20 tea-bags)
1 x Bottle of Ruzu Black
1 entry into system

Starter Pack 3

1 x Box of Ruzu Tea (20 tea-bags)
1 x Bottle Ruzu Black
1 x 60 Ruzu Capsules
1 x Bottle Ruzu Bitters (200ml)
3-Pack entry into system


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